We care for your data!

Data centers in Europe

We care for your data! Our servers are located in secure data centres across Europe. All of the files stored in our cloud are stored in data centres to ensure safekeeping and maximum privacy.

Our locations:

Ljubljana (coming soon) 

24/7 Surveillance

Surveillance cameras for 24/7 monitoring of access routes, entrances, high-security perimeter fencing around the entire data center

Access control

Entry via electronic access control terminals with a transponder key or admission card security door interlocking systems across server rooms

DDOS Protection

Automated system that can protect your web applications, websites, servers, and IT infrastructure with latest hardware appliances

Secured backup

We keep all of your data safe and secure with daily backups on remote locations and we keep at least 7 days of backup.


Daily Backups


Offsite backup

server (1)

Full cloud backup


7 days of backups

ISO/IEC 27001

  • Internationally recognized standard for information security
  • Certification for entire data center parks and infrastructure where all of our server are located
  • Verification for continuous assessment of and sustained improvements to security standards

GDPR Compliance Kit

The self-hosted Nextcloud solution simplifies compliance, decreasing business risk and costs. Nextcloud offers everything you need for GDPR compliance.


GDPR Compliance


File Access Control


Unlimited users and groups


Auditing capabilities

on Nextcloud Bussines and VPS

Nextcloud uses industry-standard SSL/TLS encryption for data in transfer. Additionally, data at rest in storage can be encrypted using a default military grade AES-256 encryption with server-based or custom key management. Also optionally and on a per-folder base data can be end-to-end encrypted on the client with the server assisting in sharing and key management using a Zero-Knowledge model.


Encrypt data at rest

Server Side Encryption can also be used on local storage. However, inherent to the concept of server side encryption, encryption keys will be present in memory of the Nextcloud server during the time a user is logged in and could be retrieved by a determined attacker.


Encrypted data transfer

Nextcloud employs industry-standard TLS to encrypt data in transfer. Usage of Object Storage like Amazon S3 or other external storage systems can be secured through Server Side Encryption.

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Encrypt from client to client

End-to-end Encryption client-side is available from Nextcloud 13 and newer as a folder-level option to keep extremely sensitive data fully secure even in case of a full server breach. The server facilitates key exchange for syncing between devices and sharing but has Zero Knowledge.