We care for your data!

Datacenters in Europe

We care for your data! Our servers are located in secure data centres across Europe. All of the files stored in our cloud are stored in data centres in the European Union to ensure safekeeping and maximum privacy.

Our locations:

Ljubljana (coming soon) 


Daily Backups

We keep daily backups on secure remote location for safe keeping in case of lost files or other disasters.


24/7 Surveillance

Cameras for monitoring of routes, entrances, high-security perimeter around the datacenter.


Access control

Electronic access control terminals with a transponder key or admission cards for access.


DDOS Protection

An automated system that protects your websites, applications and infrastructure.


On-site security

Datacenters are protected by onsite security guards 24/7 with a direct link to law enforcement.


Fire suppression

Early detection and warning system with fire suppression and a direct link to the fire brigade.


Redundant power

Battery backup, with standby redundant generators, for uninterrupted power supply.


Climate controled

Controlled climate with direct cool air intake via raised flooring directly to your server.

How you keep my data safe?

We take great pride in privacy and security. We will never access your stored files on our servers without your approval or request.

The only exceptions are automated security systems, like malware scanners that can check your data but do not store or analyze the content of the file itself.

Privacy of your data

We implement and maintain technical and organizational measures to protect your data stored with us. All of your data are backuped on a secure remote location with strict access rules.
We make sure that all our staff is committed to confidentiality and they are under an appropriate statutory obligation of confidentiality.

How we implement GDPR

Your Rights:

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Right to

Access personal data

You can always request a copy of any Personal Data we hold about you.


Right to

Deletion of Personal Data

In certain circumstances you can request a deletion of Personal Data we hold about you.


Right to

Rectification of personal data

You can request us to rectify any Personal Data held about you that is inaccurate.


Right to

Data Portability

You have a right to download any personal data and transfer this data to another provider.


Right to

Restrict processing

You can restrict processing with removal of your account. Without this data we cannot provide any services.


Right to

To be informed

You have a right to be inform of any data breach or disturbance to your personal data.

Secured backup

We keep all of your data safe and secure with daily backups on remote locations and we keep at least 7 days of backup.


Daily Backups


Offsite backup


Full cloud backup


7 days of backups

ISO/IEC 27001

  • Internationally recognized standard for information security
  • Certification for entire data center parks and infrastructure where all of our server are located
  • Verification for continuous assessment of and sustained improvements to security standards

When do you provide my data to third party?

We do not provide any of your data stored in cloud to third party!

This data is collected only upon registering for our service and not when using Cloud.


Domain registration

To register a domain we need to collect personal information and provide it to upstream registrar.

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If payment for service is required, we use third-party services for payment processing (PayPal, Braintree…). These payment processors adhere to the standards set by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council

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Fraud prevention

In order to circumvent fraud when registering for our products, we have policies in place to validate orders.

3 analytics, program, page, chat, graph, interface, monitoring


We may use third-party Service Providers to monitor and analyze the use of our Service such as Google Analytics or Matomo. With this tools we do not collect any personal data (or such data is anonymized) or any of yours stored data.

We don’t use your data for marketing

Well, we use it only if you explicitly agreed that we can send you newsletters and promotional emails. Otherwise, we do not use any of your data for marketing or any other form of commercial use such as reselling of your data.

on Nextcloud, Family, Bussines and VPS

Nextcloud uses industry-standard SSL/TLS encryption for data in transfer. Additionally, data at rest in storage can be encrypted using a default military grade AES-256 encryption with server-based or custom key management. Also optionally and on a per-folder base data can be end-to-end encrypted on the client with the server assisting in sharing and key management using a Zero-Knowledge model.


Encrypt data at rest

Server Side Encryption can also be used on local storage. However, inherent to the concept of server side encryption, encryption keys will be present in memory of the Nextcloud server during the time a user is logged in and could be retrieved by a determined attacker.


Encrypted data transfer

Nextcloud employs industry-standard TLS to encrypt data in transfer. Usage of Object Storage like Amazon S3 or other external storage systems can be secured through Server Side Encryption.


Encrypt from client to client

End-to-end Encryption client-side is available from Nextcloud 13 and newer as a folder-level option to keep extremely sensitive data fully secure even in case of a full server breach. The server facilitates key exchange for syncing between devices and sharing but has Zero Knowledge.

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