General questions

How can I access my Nextcloud?

You can access your Nextcloud Single by visiting URL bellow, don’t forget to check you email inbox for your login information!
Nuremberg: https://nextcloud.webo.hosting
Helsinki: https://nextcloud-fi.webo.hosting

Does Nextcloud have an Android or iPhone app?

Yes! You can download it here.

What is the difference between Single and Business Nextcloud?

On Nextcloud Single you can have only 1 user account and on Business you can add as many you like. Additionally on Nextcloud Bussines plan you can add or remove addons as you like. You can compare plans here.

Can an individual order a Business plan and other way around?

Yes. No matter if you are an individual or organization you can order any Nextcloud plan.

Can I upagrade my Free Nextcloud Account?

You most certainly can! Login to your cloud and in the right corner drop-down menu select “Upgrade”.

Is there a time limit on my Free Account?

No there is no time limit on Nextcloud Free account.

Order and Account creation

Why do you need my name and information to order?

Because our local revenue service and international tax laws obligate us to do so. We only store your information as long as it’s required by these law.

Can I have multiple Free accounts?

No you may not have multiple free accounts. We reserves the right to remove or disable any of your multiple accounts.

Why do I need to provide you with my real email?

You will need to confirm your email in order to access your cloud. We strongly discourage you to use any fake emails or one time email providers. Don’t worry we’re not going to spam you. But in the event of lost password or any problem with account you will not be able to recover your account.

Why do you need my ID?

In some cases if we detect any miss information’s or we believe that you provided us with fake information we may ask you for your ID. We reserves the right to deny services to the Client who provided false personal information.

How long does it takes to activate my cloud?

After we receive your payment we will activate your account. Usually this will take 2-4 working hours.

Do I lose any data if I upgrade my cloud?

No, you will not lose any of your data! If you upgrade to VPS or Business plan from Single Account then you will need to migrate data to your new cloud. It is peace of cake and we will provide you with all of the instructions. And don’t worry if you get stuck you can always count on us for help!

What are available payment methods?

We accept the following payment methods: Direct bank transfer, Paypal, credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, Diners, American Express, Discover and JCB

Data safety and privacy 

Why do you need my personal information I tough this is private?

Because our local revenue service and international tax laws obligate us to do so. We only store your information as long as it’s required by these law. Nextcloud is totally private but to insure safety and compliance with law you need to provide us with your information. 

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes we are! We follow all laws, including GDPR

Do you sell my data to third party or use them in some way?

No! Nextcloud is totally private and secure home for your data! Webo.hosting will never sell or disclose any of your data stored in Nextcloud with third party!

Is my data safe in your cloud?

Yes! We take a great pride in keeping your data safe and secure with free daily backups on remote location and making sure that your data is stored in data centers in Europe. Learn more. 

Can I use encryption?

Yes, you can use encryption on Nextcloud Business VPS, Single Secure, Nextcloud Family and Dedicated servers.

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