Introducing Single Secure

Nextcloud Single Secure Account with Ransomware protection and Encryption.

Ransomware comes in many varieties. In most cases, it encrypts user data, creating new files with a different last name and removing the older files. It also puts in place a file which contains instructions on how to get the files ‘unlocked’ again.

The solution offered can not be taken as a 100% protection against ransomware. Some ransomware uses random filenames and very generic terms for the instruction files, thus offering little opportunity for detection and prevention. New ransomware also shows up regularly. However, an estimated 95% of the current ransomware can be caught and partially or fully stopped in its tracks. Neither the developer nor Nextcloud GmbH nor give any guarantee that your files can not be affected by another way.

The Ransomware Protection app makes use of this characteristic. It detects common file names used by ransomware and responds by blocking further uploads and warning the user and administrator, who can then take action.

Server Side Encryption can also be used on local storage. However, inherent to the concept of server side encryption, encryption keys will be present in memory of the Nextcloud server during the time a user is logged in and could be retrieved by a determined attacker.

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