Nextcloud Preferred Provider

The Simple Signup program brings down the barrier to a private cloud another big and final step. When starting up a Nextcloud client on Android, iOS or the desktop, you will be presented with a sign up option, which has a preselected provider from a list of vetted providers close to the physical location of the user. While you can choose another provider from the list, you can proceed right away, entering an email address, choosing a password and after a short while you will find yourself logged in on your brand new Nextcloud instance!

In the era of Google Drive, Dropbox & co, storing your data online has never been easier. However, the simplicity of those tools comes at great cost: your privacy. Right now, nearly all data there is about the average Internet user is stored at half a dozen companies. While media is constantly reporting on data breaches, corporate and state surveillance and other privacy violations, many people still rely on these services.

Not because they are happy with the price they pay for it, but because it has been incredibly hard for people to find easy and free services that respect their users.

Your data represents who you are and can easily be abused. We want this to change.

Now you can simply register via mobile app or just visit Nextcloud website here

"Making privacy as easy as the convenient but leaky alternatives has long been the goal of the Nextcloud contributors and we’re very excited that, today, we succeeded. With this program we can truly change the dynamic on the internet, free the trillions of terrabytes of data stored at just one of a handful of large corporations and spread it out, as the internet was once designed to do."
said Frank Karlitschek, founder and CEO of Nextcloud GmbH.

We are proud that we became Nextcloud preferred provider!
With us you can now get your own free Nextcloud with 5GB space! 


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