Terms and conditions for using our services

The terms and conditions for using our services are already listed in the General Terms and Conditions, but we would like to highlight the most problematic ones, which are usually violated regularly and which leads to problems:

  1. Each user can only have one user account. In case it is determined that someone has multiple user accounts, all user accounts are blocked immediately and without notice.
  2. Each order must contain REAL personal data of the subscriber. Why? Because our local revenue service and international tax laws obligate us to do so. If we have incorrect data in the system we break these laws and we try to avoid this as much as we can.
    Your personal information is used exclusively for the purposes of our business and is protected in accordance with the GDPR.
    GDPR is not a law that allows users to use false personal information in order to remain anonymous, but determines how companies must handle personal data.